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The Melanin Mixer is a global collective of immersive, art, music, tech and cultural events - connecting melaninated millennial communities across the African diaspora. 

Each event is specially curated to celebrate and uplift people of African descent through movement, sound and words that connect our past, present and future.

Futura noir

This February, Oscar Health’s employee resource group for people of color, Melanin, hosted their inaugural Black History Month program, an art installation and accompanying event program entitled “Futura Noir.” Curated by Michael Tonge, Senior Marketing Manager of the Brooklyn Museum and Founder of The Culture LP, the series explored the origins, challenges, and future of Black contemporary art.


Futura Noir

“The role of the artist is exactly the same as the role of the lover. If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.”

- James Baldwin

Artist Imani Shanklin Roberts, pictured with her work "Full Bellied Laughter"

About Futura Noir

Originating from a desire to celebrate Black creativity in a dynamic, timeless, and contemporary vantage point — Futura Noir was incepted in the spring of 2015. Reflecting on the ways Black History Month manifested itself in the month prior — Michael Tonge, the show’s curator, decided February 2016 would be different.

Most of the month’s acknowledgements seemed rigid and focused on key figures who drove change during the civil rights movements. But in order to shift the perspective of people today, it is also important to celebrate the artists, educators, and activists, who are making history every day, shaping the future of what it means to be a black creative.

Futura Noir is a curated series of artwork and events that embodies the rich yet dark history, resistance, and future of black existence. The name is a meld of Spanish and French as a nod to the global impact and influences of Black culture. Additionally, the title serves as a pun via its loose translation to “dark future.” Visually themed in three stanzas, roots, resistance, and revelation, aesthetically bring viewers from the motherland, to tomorrow.

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