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The Melanin Mixer is a global collective of immersive, art, music, tech and cultural events - connecting melaninated millennial communities across the African diaspora. 

Each event is specially curated to celebrate and uplift people of African descent through movement, sound and words that connect our past, present and future.

We Wear The CRWN

Blackness. Like most things in this country has and always will be a commodity. Our challenge as creators of color is to control the narrative – and more importantly control the flow of monetary gains that comes from said appropriations.  

Recently, Nylon Magazine unveiled their February cover which celebrated "diversity and representation". The cover was a near replicant of CRWN Magazine's minimalist design aesthetic that the publication has so carefully and intentionally crafted. 

The current climate has indeed brought Black back en vogue, often to the detriment of people of color. Historically, Nylon Magazine has never been an ally or financial supporter of issues salient to the black community. Thus, their actions are blatantly irreverent to the efforts and hard work of CRWN Magazine. 

As such, we stand with CRWN Magazine and its EIC Lindsey Day who we respect as a visionary in elevating an authentic and ennobling image of Black women. Read Lindsey's full response just after the jump, and show your support for CRWN Mag by sharing your thoughts.

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Amina Cush
Founder, The Melanin Mixer

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