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The Melanin Mixer is a global collective of immersive, art, music, tech and cultural events - connecting melaninated millennial communities across the African diaspora. 

Each event is specially curated to celebrate and uplift people of African descent through movement, sound and words that connect our past, present and future.

TECH-Nically Speaking

American Exceptionalism. It's the myth that has driven much of America's imperial dreams since its inception. One that suggests that America's preponderance is so unique she is compelled to excel at any cost (always to the detriment of the melanin complected). Enter the tech industry - a new wave of mythological American exceptionalism that prides itself on ambition, innovation and industrial disruption.

However, in all of its ingenious glory, diversity and inclusion continues to remain the one thing Silicon Valley can't build an app for. Or properly address for that matter. Interestingly enough, the very people whose labor, ingenuity and endurance built this country are the very people that are excluded. As it stands black millennials are 25% more likely than all millennials to be early adopters of new technology according to a recent Nielsen report.

As content creators we are more socially and civically engaged than our less melanated peers, and on the forefront of most, if not all culturally appropriated trends in popular culture. So technically speaking...we are the doers, thinkers and innovators and it's about time you take notice.


The Melanin Crew

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