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The Melanin Mixer is a global collective of immersive, art, music, tech and cultural events - connecting melaninated millennial communities across the African diaspora. 

Each event is specially curated to celebrate and uplift people of African descent through movement, sound and words that connect our past, present and future.

Dear Pepsi

Pepsi set Black Twitter ablaze this week with their oh so thoughtfully crafted take on how to end political dissent, and mass murder of us brown folk. If only we had known that all it took was a Pepsi to set the world right. Although we were appalled, it came as no surprise that a global CPG conglomerate that develops and markets products that have no nutritional value or substance would be clueless on how offensive this ad would be. As such, we were happy to relieve them of said ignorance. Exhibit A below:

Dear Pepsi,

After viewing your recent "Live for Now" ad we were thoroughly disgusted at how your company minimized the systematic murder and marginalization of people of color. We're aware that many of you will never experience a 4am phone call where you learn your child has been murdered in cold blood. Or find out that your son has committed suicide after living with severe emotional trauma from false arrest and imprisonment. We're also aware that your utter lack of humanity and decency, in developing this commercial stems from the privilege that has been bestowed upon you since birth. We assure you that if a traffic stop or a trip to your local supermarket became a matter of life a death, you wouldn't be so quick to trivialize the suffering of others. 

P.S. Excessive consumption of sugar destroys neurons, you may want to lay off the sodas. 


The Melanin Crew


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