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The Melanin Mixer is a global collective of immersive, art, music, tech and cultural events - connecting melaninated millennial communities across the African diaspora. 

Each event is specially curated to celebrate and uplift people of African descent through movement, sound and words that connect our past, present and future.

We Wear The CRWN

Blackness. Like most things in this country has and always will be a commodity. Our challenge as creators of color is to control the narrative – and more importantly control the flow of monetary gains that comes from said appropriations.  

Recently, Nylon Magazine unveiled their February cover which celebrated "diversity and representation". The cover was a near replicant of CRWN Magazine's minimalist design aesthetic that the publication has so carefully and intentionally crafted. 

The current climate has indeed brought Black back en vogue, often to the detriment of people of color. Historically, Nylon Magazine has never been an ally or financial supporter of issues salient to the black community. Thus, their actions are blatantly irreverent to the efforts and hard work of CRWN Magazine. 

As such, we stand with CRWN Magazine and its EIC Lindsey Day who we respect as a visionary in elevating an authentic and ennobling image of Black women. Read Lindsey's full response just after the jump, and show your support for CRWN Mag by sharing your thoughts.

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Amina Cush
Founder, The Melanin Mixer

The Fate of the Foolish

We here at The Melanin Mixer don't usually address complete and utter foolishness. However, we are making an exception in this case for the boy masquerading as a man - aka Tyrese. Gone are the days when he crooned the panties off black women during Midnight Love. We're now left with a pathetic shell of a man whose incorrigible outbursts about black women are reminiscent of one in the Sunken Place.

We won't spend too much time on this imbecile than necessary. However, it's clear that Mr. Gibson is a sick man. Consequently, his deep seated hatred for himself is being unnecessarily projected on black women. As with all other mentally disturbed negros before him, we wish him well on his journey into the abyss. Godspeed.


The Melanin Mixer


How to Escape The Sunken Place: A Step by Step Guide

Should you find yourself in the clutches of the vacuous abyss known as the Sunken Place, don't panic. Here's our step by step guide to return you to your melanated roots.

Step 10. Drink alkaline water. With its diminished acidic content alkaline water brings a renewed clarity of thought - allowing one to properly assess solutions to the situation at hand.

Step 9. Disassociate yourself from all people, (brown folks included) that display characteristics of a distinct insipidness that is inherent to those infected. Do not be fooled by polite conversation and cheery banter. Those in the sunken place possess a sinister vapidness that makes one's hair stand on end. Trust your instincts and separate yourself from the hive. 

Step 8. Take a shot of wheatgrass, no chaser.

Step 7. Watch Paid in Full. Ensure that you eat chips with hot sauce accompanied by a turkey sandwich with light mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, black pepper and a dash of oil and vinegar. Be sure to eat your sandwich on hero bread.

Step 6. Listen to Nas's Illmatic. Then create a screensaver with the lyrics.

Step 5. Read 2000 Seasons by Ayi Kwei Armah. Once you read this all will make sense.

Step 4. Fry plantains.

Step 3. Put on some Fela and dance like your life depends on it.

Step 2. Watch Luke Cage while sipping a glass of Henny with one whisky cube chilled to 30ºF - enjoy with a splash of Coke, not Pepsi.

Step 1. Get your scalp greased. This act can be performed by your mother or significant other, depending on your preference. The key is to use shea butter, coconut oil or other fragrant emollient typically used in black hair dressing. Scalp greasing reconnects and stimulates the melanated neurons that may have been lost during your traumatic descent into the abyss. 

In the unlikely event that you are past the point of no return, drastic measures must be taken. Check back next week for our Code Black solution. Until then.


The Melanin Crew


#MoreLife IRL

Ah Drake. The 6ix city rap crooner has become one many love to hate. Perhaps it's the fact that he manages to say everything we're all thinking, but are too afraid to say. Or perhaps it's because he's made millions just talking about his feelings. In either case Drake has become the quintessential voice of the black millennial. From love, to heartbreak to lust, and the desire to just being successful - many of us can identify with his magnetic musical tales accompanied by that carefully crafted OVO sound. 

Like many of his previous projects Aubrey Graham manages to drop just the right music, at just the right time. Because in real life #MoreLife has become the motto for 2017. More passion, more love, more joy, more understanding and more humanity. We have found ourselves at the precipice of an abyss at this juncture in history. As human beings it is our duty to uplift humanity and to preserve life itself. Sometimes that starts with simply being present, and expressing gratitude for the air you breathe and the people and blessings that have brought you thus far. Now maybe our boy Drizzy wasn't thinking that deep. Or maybe - just maybe he's onto something...

Here's to #MoreLife IRL


The Melanin Crew


TECH-Nically Speaking

American Exceptionalism. It's the myth that has driven much of America's imperial dreams since its inception. One that suggests that America's preponderance is so unique she is compelled to excel at any cost (always to the detriment of the melanin complected). Enter the tech industry - a new wave of mythological American exceptionalism that prides itself on ambition, innovation and industrial disruption.

However, in all of its ingenious glory, diversity and inclusion continues to remain the one thing Silicon Valley can't build an app for. Or properly address for that matter. Interestingly enough, the very people whose labor, ingenuity and endurance built this country are the very people that are excluded. As it stands black millennials are 25% more likely than all millennials to be early adopters of new technology according to a recent Nielsen report.

As content creators we are more socially and civically engaged than our less melanated peers, and on the forefront of most, if not all culturally appropriated trends in popular culture. So technically speaking...we are the doers, thinkers and innovators and it's about time you take notice.


The Melanin Crew

Dear Pepsi

Pepsi set Black Twitter ablaze this week with their oh so thoughtfully crafted take on how to end political dissent, and mass murder of us brown folk. If only we had known that all it took was a Pepsi to set the world right. Although we were appalled, it came as no surprise that a global CPG conglomerate that develops and markets products that have no nutritional value or substance would be clueless on how offensive this ad would be. As such, we were happy to relieve them of said ignorance. Exhibit A below:

Dear Pepsi,

After viewing your recent "Live for Now" ad we were thoroughly disgusted at how your company minimized the systematic murder and marginalization of people of color. We're aware that many of you will never experience a 4am phone call where you learn your child has been murdered in cold blood. Or find out that your son has committed suicide after living with severe emotional trauma from false arrest and imprisonment. We're also aware that your utter lack of humanity and decency, in developing this commercial stems from the privilege that has been bestowed upon you since birth. We assure you that if a traffic stop or a trip to your local supermarket became a matter of life a death, you wouldn't be so quick to trivialize the suffering of others. 

P.S. Excessive consumption of sugar destroys neurons, you may want to lay off the sodas. 


The Melanin Crew


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